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Suntour NCX Damping Suspension Seatpost

$104.95 $165.00
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This is one of the best suspension posts you can buy for your bike, mountain bike, and EBike. Please order the correct diameter. You need to know your seat post diameter. Two choices of color. 

The latest shock tube features:

1. The latest version of the clip block design (the tube height angle is more intense, giving more selective comfort.

2. Copper steel collar design makes this connection part of the seat tube more wear-resisting, solved the problem of long time use.

3. Triangular rubber design (new triangle block glue, makes the rebound strength  more  absorbable)

50mm travel which is adjustable.

This unit will fit a person up to 220 lbs. If heavier please advise weight to get a different spring to fit your weight.

The normal spring is for someone between 140 - 180 lbs. If you are heavier - please advise. We will ship with a different spring. Same for if you are under 140lbs. 

Material: Aluminum
Diameter: 27.2 28.6 30.0 30.4 30.8 31.6 33.9
Color: Black or Silver.
Length (mm): 350MM
No need adapter: 27.2

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